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Calculus is Hard - Student Dialog Shouldn't Be.
It's bad enough that your students have to remember that the chain rule has nothing to do with metal, but it can be really frustrating when members of your study group get stuck on some concept or examples that they can't figure out. And today's online tools just don't cut it when it comes to talking about math.

That is why the folks at have launched a completely new website - designed not only to help teams study the basics of Introductory Calculus, but also designed from the ground up to be used as part of e-mails, interactive chats or social media postings.

Designed for online tutors or tutoring companies, school mentoring labs, and online publishers, our review materials are designed to be seamlessly referenced (highlighted) by any member of a study team to be included in an online e-mail or message.

And if you have any iPhone users, on the team, they can use our Math2U application to snap a photo of their 'work in progress' to be sent to the team mentor who can then annotate and return a message without worrying about uploads, downloads, or any other techie thing that gets in the way of helping kids learn. 

And for the summer months, Math2U and our Introductory Calculus licenses are FREE. Click the Math2U menu link at the top of the page to learn more! is a project of The Electric Book Company , Richmond, VA 23116
Finally. Real tools for study teams on the web!

Introductory Calculus includes sample problems illustrating everything from the basic concepts to some of the more challenging topics, including:

  • Various factoring patterns
  • Limits
  • Solving quadratic equations
  • Applying the chain rule
  • Critical points
  • Integration by parts
  • Fundamental theorem of calculus
  • Rules of differentiation
  • Applications of integration

There are dozens more example problems, all FREE for your viewing, and all designed with sharing through your favorite social media in mind.
Go to Introductory Calculus now.