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Branding and Customization
Electric Book Company Publishing Services
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Staring with a core of approximately 80 problems in Introductory Calculus, your school or business can work with our electronic publishing team to add content designed by your faculty. And of course, all registered students will see a branded version of the title to make certain they know that it is your school or business that cares about quality in education!
If you are an online tutoring company, community college, four-year college, university, or any other distance-learning enterprise, you have probably been frustrated over the costs and quality of online materials designed for students of advanced mathematics. 

Say goodbye to age-old scans of math images as well as PDF files that are little more than scanned textbook pages - your school or business can now integrate online communications with math content like never before. 

Distance Learning partners can now use the same content available to the public ( through customized re-use of content produced by the Electric Book Company.
All math content is mobile-ready, can be viewed on desktop, tablet, and smartphones. But the key component for any online learning environment are the teachers, which is why our Math2U iPhone app has been designed from the ground up to view not only math, but to allow easy exchange of annotated images to allow for the rapid review and correction of 'schoolwork-in-progress' without need for additional servers of special purpose software.
If you would like any additional information regarding use of our Calculus Review materials, adding our mobile-messaging service to your team, or questions about building your own content to work within the Group-Study framework, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you!.
Don't Want Calculus?
Electric Book Company can produce any math title in which you are interested - from custom projects (where the institution holds content copyright) to joint projects (where EBC and the institution share in investment and return). 

So drop us a note and we'll start working on making something exciting happen for your learning community!