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Math2U - Online Messaging for Math Students
Group-Study teams are led by an online tutor, math teacher, or study team lead. After registering with the site to use the Introductory Calculus review materials, the team mentor invites students to connect to the site content.

Students who have iPhones can download the Math2U application that allows them to seamlessly take a photo of their schoolwork in progress and send it to the team mentor - no e-mail addresses necessary!.  (Android phone users can use their standard e-mail apps after manually adding the mentor's e-mail address to their contact list.)

The team mentor can then annotate the image to highlight corrections or suggestions, and return the note to the sender with no files downloaded, and no additional software required.

Of course, all of the 80+ review questions can also be highlighted and referenced for use in questions and answers to the team mentor, or to other members of the study team.

And now, for the summer months, online tutors can request a study group license for up to 5 students FREE of charge. Use the Contact Us button to send an e-mail to our 'new community' address and we'll start to set up your study group by the next day.
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